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We help businesses, large and small, to dominate their industries online by implementing a balanced online marketing strategy with an aim to double sales. Our team has been built differently than other businesses and this team has 1000’s of hours of experience with 100’s of different types of businesses…literally from Socks and Septic Tanks all the way to Saas and IT Security.

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Content Writing

Content writing is like building a castle one brick at a time. In the beginning it doesn’t look like much, but for businesses that steady peck away at it will experience a significant competitive advantage. A business that is steadily and consistently blogging will experience higher performance with the search engines as well as more organic traffic to their websites.
There are lots of people that want to write or know that it is a good practice for the business but just don’t know how to do it properly. In fact, most of the people we work with are decent writers in their own right but just have a difficult time sitting down to blog. We are able to help them put that part of their marketing strategy on autopilot, delivering high quality ghostwritten content to them on a regular basis.
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Social Media Management

Social media is constantly changing and sometimes it is just helpful to have a support team behind-the-scenes making sure everything is on track. In today’s world, people check your business out before they ever call. Your social media needs to be a proper representation of the rest of your business. You need to be present, you need to be active and you need to have some variety in your posts…it can’t be all about me me me.
We can help you develop a content calendar and social media strategy to help shore up your brand image, grow your followers and have a strong social media presence online.

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Case Studies

Content Marketing Drives Traffic and Improves Conversion


Content marketing allows business leaders to leverage the power of search engines to convert their barren digital outposts into soaring content castles. Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, detailed keyword analysis, and value-adding content, Cardinal Marketing turns boring corporate websites into powerful, lead-generating information hubs. This process, much like building a castle, takes time as each content brick is carefully crafted and deliberately placed to bring in traffic and provide prospective customers with valuable, engaging content.

While content marketing doesn’t provide overnight success, it does offer tried and true results when executed properly and given the time and resources necessary as proven by the success of Cardinal’s partners. #BrickByBrick

Cardinal Partner Success Story

Cardinal began its ongoing partnership with a leading US-based IT solutions provider in August of 2017. As a B2B organization, this IT software organization provides services and products to aid companies in their IT efforts – assisting in their digital transformations to maximize operational output and optimize resource management. Their goal, much like Cardinal’s, is to leverage their expertise to help other organizations succeed.

With Cardinal’s help, this IT software organization started a blogging campaign of regular content installments covering important industry topics. Today, their site hosts a trove of educational and engaging blogs that get top search engine placement and provide excellent value to new and returning visitors alike. As their library of content continues to grow, so does the value they provide to visitors and, in turn, their reach for finding new customers. #AnotherBrickInTheWall


Traffic / Conversion Stats:

In the first graph, you can see the relationship between prospects visiting the website and the quantity of articles. As the company posts more blog articles the volume of prospects visiting the website increases steadily over time.

In the graph below, you can see that as the article volume increases, the number of leads increases for the business as well. More articles brought more visitors, which in turn generated more completed lead forms for the sales team.

Digital Advertising Generates New Leads and Boosts Campaigns


Paid digital advertising leverages the reach of massive digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to place ads in front of audiences around the globe (or in your backyard). One of the largest advantages of paid advertising is the ability to use the algorithms developed by these digital platforms to place your ads in front of targeted audiences. Cardinal Marketing helps organizations make the most of these services by providing expert guidance for getting marketing campaign planes off the ground and soaring over audiences primed for conversion.

This process, much like an airplane on the runway, takes time for the campaign to reach the proper velocity for takeoff. Once the right speed is achieved, results begin to takeoff. #TakeFlight 

Cardinal Partner Success Story


Since 2016, Cardinal has partnered with a US-based premium fitness apparel brand with over 75 years of experience. For decades, they honed their craft and created excellent products while focusing more on a wholesale B2B model. 

With Cardinal’s help, this apparel manufacturer launched numerous paid ad campaigns that resulted in massive growth over just a few several months. Through their partnership with Cardinal, they were able to drastically improve the results of their marketing campaigns and launch their business to its highest altitude yet with a continued upward trajectory. #HighFlyin

Actual Results: 

Curious to Learn More?

If you are curious to learn a bit more about these results and how these strategies would apply to your specific business, then just send us a note and we can get started working on a customized solution just for you!